To report a covered loss online, you will need your Policy Number, a valid e-mail address and details about the loss.

Simply click below to select the type of loss you wish to report:

House with roof on fire

Property Claims

Property Claims involve physical damage or loss to property owned by the Policyholder, such as a building or personal property.

Finger pointing

General Liability Claims

A General Liability claim arises when someone else claims the Policyholder is responsible for causing bodily injury or property damage to them.

Two cars involved in fender-bender

Commercial Auto

A Commercial Auto claim involves a vehicle insured by Farmers of Flemington.  The claim can be for vehicle damage, injury to the driver or occupants, or damage caused to another party as a result of an accident.

Injured person with arm in sling
Workers Compensation

A Workers Compensation claim involves a workplace injury.  If your employee was injured on the job, report the loss here.

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