Is your identity safe?

As our lives have become more digitized, so have the scammers.   Old-school methods like stealing mail and dumpster diving have been supplemented by sophisticated cyber attacks, email hacking, phishing and other methods, all designed to steal your information.  With the numerous connected devices in the typical modern household, there are more and more ways for identity thieves and scammers to find an opening and attack.

Fortunately, Farmers of Flemington helps you keep pace with the ever-changing landscape of cyber risks by partnering with CyberScout®, America’s leading provider of identity services.

Identity Theft Restoration Services

Every Farmers of Flemington Homeowners, Unit Owners and Renters policy includes free access to identity restoration services from CyberScout.   These services include:

Resolution Services
Personal access to an experienced fraud specialist throughout the entire process to:

  • Stop fraudulent bills and charges, notify credit bureaus, creditors and government agencies.
  • Prepare documents, make phone calls and establish fraud alerts and fraud-monitoring to detect a recurrence.
  • Assist in filing a police report and create a comprehensive case file to help law enforcement and claims handling.
  • Enable one year of active follow-up


Document Replacement Assistance
Whenever you need guidance replacing lost, stolen or destroyed identification such as:

  • Passports
  • Credit or Debit cards
  • Drivers licenses
  • Social Security cards
  • Medicare/Medicaid cards
  • Birth certificates

We also provide you with access to CyberScout’s Knowledge Center and other online tools to help you protect your identity.   Click here to learn more.

Identity Theft Indemnity Coverage

In addition to our free restoration services, our optional Identity Theft Expense Coverage endorsement can be added to your policy to provide coverage for expenses you may incur while restoring your identity in the event of a covered incident.  Talk to your Agent about adding this valuable coverage to your policy.