Did you know you are responsible for the underground utility pipes and wires that run from the street to your home?

That’s right.  In the event of damage to these lines, the homeowner must cover the cost of any repair or replacement.  The average cost for damaged service lines is over $6,000 and this damage is not covered under standard homeowners insurance.

This includes water, sewer, electric, cable, telephone and gas.  You may be able to purchase coverage from your utility companies, but you have to pay each utility separately and it is typically very costly.  Imagine if you had to pay each of these utilities just $5 per month to cover their individual service lines — that’s $360 per year!

Fortunately, Farmers of Flemington is here to help with our Service Line Coverage Enhancement.  

This endorsement can be added to your homeowners policy to provide coverage for all your underground service lines for one low annual premium.

Our Service Line Enhancement protects you from an unexpected loss caused by a service line failure. Coverage is extended for damage to underground piping or wiring that connects your home to a public utility service provider or to a private system.

What’s covered?

  • Damage to an underground service line as a result of a service line failure.
  • Costs required to repair or replace the damaged covered service line that is the result of a service line failure.
  • Outdoor property that is damaged as a result of a service line failure or damaged during the excavation of a covered service line following a service line failure.
  • Extra cost to make temporary repairs, expedite permanent repairs or permanent replacements to a service line that is damaged as a result of a service line failure.
  • Damage to wiring used for communication or data transmission.
  • Additional living expense and rental value


Don’t risk a large unexpected repair bill. Contact an Agent today and ask for a quote including Service Line from Farmers of Flemington.

Learn more about Service Line Coverage from Farmers of Flemington.

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