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The internet has become part of our daily lives.  It’s not just our computers that are connected, it’s our phones, entertainment systems, lights, doors, thermostats and even our microwaves and refrigerators!  Unfortunately, with all this connectivity, we are more exposed than ever to cyber threats.  And, did you know these exposures are not covered under standard homeowners insurance policies?


Farmers of Flemington can help bridge the gaps in your policy with CyberBridge, our Personal Cyber Protection enhancement.


CyberBridge provides protection from Cyber threats including Identity Theft, Credit Card Fraud, Cyber Bullying, Cyber Extortion, Privacy & Security Liability and more.  For complete coverage details, you can view the entire endorsement by clicking here.

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CyberBridge Personal Cyber Coverage is available as an affordable enhancement to your Farmers of Flemington policy with a choice of a $10,000 or $25,000 limit per year, with a separate limit available for legal expenses.



“It will never happen to me.”  We hear that a lot, but the odds that you will be the victim of cyber crime are far greater than you might think.

Odds of experiencing a data breach are one in four
According to a recent study, one in four Americans has been a victim of cyber-crime1 and one in six high school students reported being cyber bullied in 20202.

Personal data breaches resulted in $149 million in losses per year. Identity theft added another $100 million to that amount.3 The number of people who had some liability from fraud committed against them has tripled over the course of the past two years.3

Here are a few examples of the types of losses CyberBridge covers:

In addition to the coverage provided by CyberBridge, we provide you access to CyberScout®, America’s leading provider of cyber security education and resolution services. If you sustain a covered cyber loss, CyberScout will provide you with response services to help you recover quickly.

We also provide you with access to CyberScout’s Knowledge Center and other online tools to help you protect your identity and avoid cyber threats. Click here to learn more.

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Click here to view or download our CyberBridge brochure.

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The scenarios used are examples of the types of claims and associated costs commonly seen and do not represent a comprehensive explanation of any one particular claim. While the subject coverage is designed to address certain risks and associated costs, coverage may not be available in all circumstances. Each reported claim will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. The actual policy or endorsement language should be referenced to determine coverage applicability and availability.
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