Is Your Condo Covered?

Condominium insurance can be complicated. Coverage depends on many factors including how elements of your unit are defined in the Master Deed and By-Laws of your association. That means the same insurance policy may cover different things depending on how the condo documents are structured.

Your condo association likely has insurance for the building and common areas but a Unit Owner’s policy is needed to cover your personal property, loss assessment, additional living expenses and liability for injury or property damage to others.  The coverage also extends to any permanent fixtures, appliances and upgrades within your unit you may be responsible for according to your condo association by-laws.   Does this all sound confusing?

Farmers of Flemington can help

Our Condo Unit Owners policy combines coverage for your personal property and dwelling into one comprehensive limit.  We also offer several valuable enhancements to cover items that are normally excluded in the standard policy.

Optional Coverage Enhancements

Equipment Breakdown Coverage

Equipment Breakdown Insurance covers all of your important home systems and property due to loss by mechanical or electrical breakdown. That includes home security systems, electrical systems, personal computers, home electronics, appliances, heating and cooling systems, swimming pool equipment, water heaters, well pumps, garden tractors and more.

Service Line Coverage

This enhancement provides coverage for underground utility lines that connect your home to public utilities such as water supply lines, electrical lines, cable TV, natural gas and more.  Click here to learn about this valuable coverage.

Identity Theft Restoration Services

Every Farmers of Flemington condo owners policy includes free access to identity restoration services from CyberScout®, a leading identity protection provider.   Click here to learn more about our value-added identity restoration services.

CyberBridge Personal Cyber Coverage

In addition to our free restoration services, our optional CyberBridge personal cyber protection endorsement can be added to your policy to provide coverage against hacking, fraud, cyber extortion, cyber bullying and a number of other risks that are not covered under a standard homeowners policy. Click here to learn more about this valuable coverage.

Personal Umbrella Coverage

Your standard personal automobile and homeowners liability limits offer adequate protection for most losses, but what if your limits are not enough?  What if the unthinkable happens?  Your home and other personal assets could be at risk.   Our Personal Umbrella policy can provide you with additional limits up to $5 million over your home and personal auto to help protect you against the unthinkable.

 Other available enhancements include:

  • Sump / Sewer backup coverage
  • Replacement Cost for Personal Property
  • Scheduled Personal Property
  • Limited Mold Coverage

We also offer money saving discounts for alarm systems and increased deductibles.


As they say, there’s no place like home so why not give your home and family the protection they deserve with our affordable Unit Owner’s coverage. Contact an Agent today to see what Farmers of Flemington can do for you.

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